A Starter Pack on Mobile Online Casinos

Online casinos are website-based platforms that are created for individuals who would rather not go to a casino to play. So, seeing as the entire platform runs online, the most used device for accessing the internet as of right now is either a tablet or even more popular, a smartphone. The question of why doesn’t even have a solid hold here.

Smartphones and tablets are portable and most ordinary websites have long since been optimized to be run on both. Like so, most online casinos have already ported their services and games on to mobile phones and tablets. This post is a breakdown of our thoughts (pros and cons) on playing in online casinos with mobile devices. We will show you how a mobile online casino works and thus, you decide how you can use it to your advantage.

Differences Between Mobile & Desktop Experience

Whether you’re playing a popular slots title or you’re trying to outmaneuver yourself out of a tight spot in a game of Live Poker, the one trait that separates mobile experience from that of a desktop is freedom. On a smartphone/tablet, you can do everything we just explained from literally any spot in the world. But on a desktop, the player is limited to playing at home on a Wi-Fi network.

Having said that, the thing with freedom (in the case of using your smartphone or tablet) is that it increases as your options and convenience increases. So, what will you be using to play? You can either download an app to play on your mobile device, or you can use the fully integrated instant-play feature available through browsers like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The correct answer here is to find online casinos that offer you both.



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Do Casino Mobile Apps Top Instant-Play

We did mention the fact that you can either play through a mobile app or you can use the instant-play feature available through the websites.

Mobile Casino Apps

Online casinos compatible on Android & iOS devicesThere are 2 options for playing in online casinos using mobile apps. The first is by using a device running on Android, while the second option is playing on an iOS device. You can use a simple smartphone/tablet running any one of these operating systems.

Nevertheless, it’s better to play on an iOS device due to Android’s policy (as a result of Google) restricting online casinos from making apps. On an iOS device, the opposite is the case.

Instant-play Option

Instant-play option was a rarity on mobile devices before due to the lack of HTML 5. At that point, apps were being used instead, and the issue of lack of games we mentioned above came up a lot. However, things changed with the integration of HTML 5 as it made it possible to play online with your browser. That includes seamless play on any phone of your choice at any place. This completely bypasses the trouble of app installations.

Games are Usually Generous Based on Count Alone

There are several types of casino games that you can play in online casinos. Slots and table games are the most popular that you’ll find in any casino you go to. The former more so than the latter one.

Nonetheless, while the amount of games available on a desktop is literally in the hundreds if not a few thousands in some cases, the library of games on mobile is far smaller. It’s still considerable when you consider the fact that most percentage of players only play a handful of games. Still, there’s the issue of mobile applications containing the smallest library to look out for. What most players do to navigate this is only to play games through the browser.

Player Experience Depends Entirely on How Your Powerful Your Mobile Device is

A very simple rule guides this subtopic. The more powerful your phone is, the better your experience will be overall. This part is particularly important if you’re truly serious about gaming on your mobile device. If you use maybe the old iPhone 4 or Samsung S4, you can’t compare its performance to the current line of flagship devices like iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20, or maybe even the budget-friendly OnePlus 7T. These smartphones will easily eat through most of the games you’ll play in the casinos.

If you can’t find something of such, an instance that can constantly show itself is a slow and unstable connection. So, imagine playing video Poker, and you suddenly lose connection and the game freezes. When the connection returns, you’ve already missed your chance to study the game flow and react accordingly. Hence, there’s a need to mention that desktops or even at the least, laptops do not have the same weakness. Their larger sizes give them the advantage of bigger and thus, more suitable technology at cheaper prices than flagships.

An Extensive Range of Bonuses

Other than the fact that mobile casinos online allow you a lot of flexibility in how and when you play, another incentive is the sheer amount of bonuses that are available to you. As mobile versions of online gambling platforms are being created and optimized for the constant increase in mobile players, new bonuses are being introduced as well. Most online casinos keep introducing new promotions to keep things interesting. In simpler words, they keep their existing players satisfied in terms of winnings and pleasure, while the bonuses attract newer players.

A type of bonus that you will find in all casinos that possess mobile versions is deposit bonuses. They differ depending on which device you’ll be using to make deposits. That is to say that there is a higher chance for you to win other goodies if you make a deposit through a mobile device instead of a desktop. Examples of the additional items you stand to win are free spins on popular slots and sometimes, real cash to play within the casino.

Live Mobile

Live casinos that fit mobile devicesYou get the perfect duo by combining a smartphone’s flexibility together with live casino. At this point, everyone knows how much of a leeway a smartphone gives you when you play. At the same time, everyone knows of the advantages of a live casino. The level of immersion it provides through the seamless communication between players and dealers is incredible. Besides that, live casinos have now grown to the extent that their layouts have been redesigned to fit smartphones and tablets. The screen will be split into 2, and a half shows the game table, while the other shows the dealer area.

So, when you sum up the facts so far, any player can play Roulette, Baccarat, or Blackjack at any time and place. The potential is good reason enough to engage in playing games through mobile devices. Finally, requirements for playing the game is straightforward. You only need a fast and stable connection.

You’ll Need to Take Breaks

To start with, mobile devices (smartphones especially) are already essential to our lives since they make everything easy. As a matter of fact, we can even go ahead and say some of you are this from her smartphone. So then combine that fact with the ecstatic thrill that gambling brings, and you have an odd mix that can easily help you lose focus.

Gambling addiction should be avoided, and the best way we think you can do that is to limit your time playing on your mobile phone and your budget. A perfect example of what we’re saying is that it’s far easier to play slots in between projects at work than with a desktop with a big screen.

Diverse Software Providers

There are a lot of software providers for mobile online casinos. We can describe a lot of them, but that wouldn’t be effective. Instead, we’ll be listing the ones that you should stay on the lookout for when you’re searching for a place to play.


Microgaming logoWithout a doubt, the first software provider that comes to the mind of any online casino player is Microgaming. So why should you be impressed by the studio? Well, for one, it’s the best (even by our standards) when it comes to slot games. The studio masters its audience type by possessing an extensive range of games (1,200+ fun variants), earning the trust of people by releasing games that can actually be beaten and having grade-A bragging rights. To the last one, Microgaming has its own operating system called Quickfire.

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NetEnt logoOr better yet known as NetEnt. The studio has been around since 1996, and it has a slew of beautiful, engaging, and rewarding games. You should note that the games are varied, and each will keep you engaged in different manners. A few games that you can consider if the casino you play at supports the studio are Jack Hammer 2, Secrets of Atlantis, and Blood Suckers. To our knowledge, these games have good return rates.

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Playtech logoJust like the other software providers, Playtech has a positive history with players. The studio is loved by some for the level of detail seen in its games and how they contribute to the game being engaging. By others, they appreciate the fact that Playtech promotes fair play. Out of the 2, we prefer the first one since fair play is already a requirement. So, it shouldn’t be treated as a rare commodity in online gambling.

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888 Software

Lastly, we have the 888 Software which is a studio with the same level of mobile device optimization and also games with low house edges like the others. Unlike the other ones though, 888 Software develop its own games which are only available their platform. So, it easily maintains a level of standard (fair play) as well as an accomplishment in the form of its success despite their exclusivity.

Nowadays, you’ll find that a large portion of online casinos will use 1 or 2 of these Giants. Thereafter, they mix the 2 with other software providers of relatively high-quality. They do this to keep their games varied and thus, the players hooked. If you can do so, try to stick with casinos that are backed by at least 3 of these mentioned software providers. The more the casino seems capable in your eyes, the better it usually is.

The Advantage of Privacy

If you can effectively use your privacy, it can be used to hone your strategies by playing free casino software first before playing with real cash (there are numerous for different types of casino games). Also, seeing as it’s you, your mobile device, and no one else, you should have more accurate guesses.

Making Deposits/Withdrawals Still Feels the Same

Making both deposits and withdrawals on a mobile device feels the same as using your desktop. The casinos have the same range of options (MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, Skrill, etc.) and they also have the same maximum and minimum limits. The experience is an exact replica of what you’ll have on a desktop.

Final Thoughts on Playing with a Mobile Device

While playing on devices like your phones or tabs might be preferable, desktops still have the advantage of bigger screens and thus, a better experience overall. Due to this, we recommend you play on both platforms (mobile devices and desktops). Advancements in technology have made it possible to operate a single account on more than 1 device seamlessly. You simply take advantage of that fact.

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