A Beginner’s Introduction to Keno

Keno is a game that originated from China, then down to the West (Houston, Texas) because of 2 reasons. The first reason is that it’s a game that requires little when it comes to the wagering amount. The second is because the reward is big despite needing so little ‘investment’.

It’s a game that you can consider the twin of slots. For both, it’s generally agreed upon that you can’t influence your luck much—unlike in games such as video poker and Blackjack. The consequence of these advantages is that it’s actually tradition by now for new punters to be curious about how the game works. To that, consider this an in-depth review of the game from our own perspective.

Straightforward Play but a Bit Impossible

Keno comes in the form of a simple ticket that contains 80 numbers. The layout of the numbers is in a row and column-like format, (4×8) and you select up to 20 numbers called spots between the range (1-80). After that, 20 numbers are drawn at random and naturally, you win based on how many numbers you can match or ‘catch’.

Nevertheless, you can’t ignore the logic that it’s quite impossible to guess all 20 numbers correctly. It’s definitely not likable, but it’s one fact we know every Keno lover considers the norm.

Applying Bonuses to Keno

How to play the game Keno?Keno has somewhat of a similar level of popularity as Blackjack in certain circles due to its low play requirements. As a result of this, there are not a lot of bonuses that are strictly for the game.

That said, the available ones (bonuses) are easily summed up in the 2 words “Welcome Bonuses”. What we or in this case, you—should do here is to search for an online casino with an acceptable deposit bonus. Perhaps you find one with a bonus of 100% up to $300; you automatically get $400 provided you deposit $200. When you’ve claimed that, the bonus is what you use to play the keno. Keep in mind that the casino will put in place a wager time on the bonus to put a challenge. Pick none that proves to be too much of a hassle to solve.

Info on the House Edge

House edge is a term given to the home advantage of any gambling establishment. It means anytime players place a bet (regardless if it’s Keno or otherwise), the online casino wins a percentage. In the case of Keno, if you bet $5, most casinos should be collecting between 4% and 35% of that amount. If you’re going for a strategy that works on a strict betting amount, calculate between that range.

Kinds of Keno Bet

Despite the odds in the game, there are different types of tickets that players usually play. We discuss some of them here.

TIP: Minimum number to select is 4 in a lot of games

Live Keno Makes Things Convenient

If you’re the type who prefers an immersive experience, live Keno is an option you should take. You select your games with other players live, and you watch how the dealers announce the result.

Different Keno Games


Keno games in an online casino will be different from the next one. For instance, in one variation, the minimum bet might be $10, and you also won’t be able to pick less than 5 numbers. In the next, a minimum of $1 may be required, and 4 numbers will only be required to play.

Now, while the latter sounds great, there might be a higher chance for you to win in the former. This is because the casinos give pecks depending on the number of numbers you select. We recommend you look out for cashback bonuses that kick in when none of a player’s selected numbers match.

Mobile Platform or Desktop?

While you can play Keno on both your smartphone and desktop in the best online casinos, we recommend you try the second option. You get advantages like more screen real estate and thus, better experience and instant-play through any browser. Nonetheless, if you’re on-the-go a lot, you can download the casino’s application to play. Just keep watch of your screen time.

RNG and Fair play

RNG or Random Number Generator is the same software that gives the online casino its house edge. It’s also the same one that gives the big short-period payout that counters the long-term effects of house edge on a player. So, if you’ve picked a casino, we think it’s a must that the RNG is tested for fair play. You need every advantage you can get since a single win (or match) can easily lead to a jackpot payout.

Should You Play Keno?

Yes, you should. Keno, in as much as you can create a working strategy for it, is really fun to play. The game fits all budgets so it’s a game that literally anyone can play. But then, that’s the problem with the game. While it’s extremely easy to find casinos that require low wagers, you can also easily get addicted to the game.

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