Spotting the Right Live Dealer Casinos Online

Live Dealers are a major branch in online casinos due to the way they render their services to players. A typical live room is fitted with high-definition video recording equipment that allows seamless play. Following close after that, a recognition software allows you to interact with everything that you see fully. So, you play the game, live chat with other players and the dealers, and make bets—all in your comfort zone.

That said, the goal of any casino is to get you as close to the experience of a land-based gambling platform as possible. And accordingly, we have a guide for you. The post contains all you’ll need to do a personal review of any live dealer—and thus, how well it stacks up against a playing a game in an established land casino.

Immersive Experience is Key

The first thing that greets you at the beginning of a round of Baccarat or Roulette is the live dealer. From there, the layout becomes much simpler. There should be options on your screen, courtesy of the recognition software showing your bet amount, your account balance, and even highlighting different buttons assigned to some helpful moves that you can make.

That said, let’s talk about the dealers you’ll meet and the responsiveness of the live game’s layout. You’ll give each of them a trial.



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Testing the Live Dealer

Casino games with real dealer

Start the review by testing the trial version of the online casino. The primary requirements here is to see how friendly, fast, and effective the dealer can be. So, on a scale of 1-10, go for nothing less than an 8 for each of these requirements. Likewise, if you’ll be playing at an online casino that’s not local to your country, check if the dealers available can keep up with you on a native level. Their ability to communicate with you may just mean another win.

Reviewing the Layout

Check out how responsive the buttons are. Though, the major factor that determines responsiveness is speed. A lack of it can easily lead to stability issues. If you’re fully ready to start playing live games, this is a factor that you can’t ignore. Following right after that, we have ease of use. The ease at which you navigate any casino largely depends on the layout of the buttons in each individual table game. More so in the case of live games where the lack of a familiar button may lead to a loss.

The Right Atmosphere

The atmosphere in a casino depends on your personal opinion rather than what the casino thinks is right. Accordingly, we can divide the types of atmosphere in a casino into 2. The first one contains a single table, and it’s designed this way to minimize distractions or provide privacy at the leisure of your home.

If you’re the type of player who needs a bit of silence to get into the zone really, this is the right option for you. The other kinds of atmosphere that you can pick from are those with more than a single table. This is perfect for you if the buzz/chatter heard in a busy room promotes your productivity.

Mobile Compatibility

Live casino ot the goSmartphones are the most important type of platform to target if you’re any business right now. So, it would be a loss if any online casino doesn’t take advantage of that fact. In turn, the perfect formula is full support for stable play on smartphones.

Notice our word choice in “full”? Not a lot of mobile online casinos offer full support for their live dealer games. In some casinos, the full range of live table games available on the desktop far overshadows the ones you’ll find on smartphones. Obviously, a desktop is immobile, so we say you avoid those ones.

Moving on, during the review, take a look at the background. Preferably, do this when you’re testing the dealer and the system’s responsiveness. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of playing on top-rated online casino sites. You’ll be playing for indefinite amounts of time, and that won’t always be full of easy wins, so choose a background that goes well your mood. In other words, you decide your definition of ‘Relaxed’.

Evaluating the Bonuses

There are different bonuses that you can enjoy if you play live games in a casino. One of the popular ones that you’ll most likely see is the deposit and non-deposit (though you’ll need an account for this one) bonus. They both work on the same principle, so we’ll only explain how the deposit bonuses work.

Perhaps you deposit $200 (or maybe not), you will get back $400 to play live games in the casino. You’ll usually find that the bonus has light – strict eligibility periods and limits on the bonus amount (only claimable up to $400). Try to err on the side of light periods and flexible bonus amounts. Nevertheless, if the latter, the bonus amount sounds too good to be true (not limited to deposit bonuses only), you should definitely be cautious.

Understanding How the Wagering Requirements Work

Live casino bonuses, like slots bonuses, have complicated wagering requirements. For one, the wagering requirement despite being similar to slot games (they both use wagering times) is a lot different. It doesn’t directly deal with the number of times you’ve wagered the bonus. Instead, wagering requirement in live games means the value of bets that you need to have made before you can withdraw the bonus plus the earnings.

The amount of $200 that we mentioned that you deposit for the equivalent bonus can have a wagering time of 30. This means you have to multiply $200 (the deposit bonus this time) by 30. The equal is $6,000. So, you withdraw only when you’ve placed an approximate amount of $6,000 which is impossible. To avoid these kinds of scenarios and maybe even to eliminate another casino from your long list, spend some time reading the T&Cs of the live casino bonus that you’re after.

Good Collection of Table Games

The type of games available to play in live rooms is table games only. You’ll find the likes of Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Dream Catcher, and then their variants. Still, the types of casino games and their variants that you should actively look for in a casino are:

How Good is the Pit Boss?

Unlike in slot and the others, you don’t need to message any email, nor do you need to live chat anyone customer support representative. Rather, what you do is talk to the pit boss. The pit boss isn’t a customer support member, but he or she is required to serve every customer.

Now, what you do is evaluate the pit boss and see if he or she is up to par. Pit bosses are some of the most underrated individuals who work in live rooms. The majority of new punters see them as a manager for the employees (dealers). And they rarely get their skills tested. So, evaluate the pit boss of any online casino that you choose and see if he or she is effective enough. The boss should be able to help you out along the line (during withdrawals) if you have any issue their games.

Flexible Rates

Other than the subject of there being diverse payment options, we still have to talk about the limits. A lot of casinos that have live rooms usually place rigid limits on the minimum that you can deposit and withdraw. Try talking with their live chat about that before you choose the casino as your favorite. You don’t want to invest time into creating an account and setting up payments, only to be given an unrealistic wager limit. We’re talking about a limit that’ll break up your style of play since the deposit isn’t flexible. Also, strategies that involve cash limits may be extremely hard to pull off here.

Picking the Right Software Providers

The right software providers are comprised of the likes of Net Ent, Playtech, Microgaming, Extreme Live Gaming, Amaya, Ezugi, and most importantly, Evolution Gaming. All of them share one thing in common—which their ability to maintain real-time seamless play. The advantages of playing in any live casino being run by any of these software providers are:

Overall, any provider above will easily ensure you’re not missing out on any features.

Our Final Thoughts

While all of this serves as an instruction set for picking the right casino for yourself, it’s still a collection of information about live casinos in general. As a matter of fact, we can even go further and call it a review with a front row seat that gets you both the facts that you want to know about the live dealer in online casinos—and also of our own opinion of what a good offer from them is. Finally, have fun and watch your play time. You can use timers to break up your play from the screen.

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