What are the Advantages of Playing Online Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games on offer at land based casinos. Known throughout the world, it is one of the less complex card games with fewer rules to adhere to than games such as poker. One of the main attractions of blackjack is that, although there is always an element of chance in the way the cards are dealt, there is also some skill to playing this game that can influence the outcome of the hand. This means that you have a better chance of success by learning some of the strategies that are widely suggested for this game, and practising regularly to hone your skills over time. This gives it the edge over other games which are of pure chance such as slots or roulette, as you have some control over whether you win or not. While playing blackjack in a land based casino is a fun pastime, there are still many reasons for playing in online blackjack casinos.


Most bricks and mortar casinos generally only offer one version of blackjack to be played at the card table. This lacks the variety that you can find in online blackjack casinos where there are usually multiple versions of the game to choose from, using different rules, different graphics and different betting limits to keep the game interesting.

Tracking Gameplay

Whereas it is easy to lose track of how many hands you have played and how much money you have spent or won in a land based casino, when you play online blackjack you can see a comprehensive record of every hand that you have played and the outcome. This not only helps you to see how much you are spending or gaining, but it also helps you to pick up on any patterns and to see if your strategies are working.

Bonuses and Promotions

When you play in online blackjack casinos, you can benefit from a host of bonuses and promotions designed to encourage you to show loyalty to their brand. This means you have lots of financial incentives to register and to continue playing, from sign up welcome bonuses to reload bonuses and free chips. None of these are available through real world casinos. You may also find that the house edge is a little better when playing online blackjack than in a bricks and mortar casino. Competition is a lot more fierce on the internet than in a town where there may only be one casino for miles around, so you can benefit from better discounts and deals as well as improved odds.

Peace and Quiet

If you need to concentrate on your game and your strategies, then you are sure to prefer the peace, quiet and less frenetic atmosphere of the online blackjack casino when compared to the noisy environment of the real world gambling establishment.


Last but not least is the convenience of playing online blackjack. While playing at a real world casino is undoubtedly fun, it can be quite inconvenient. You may have to travel long distances, or simply not have one within commutable distance at all. You may not be able to visit the casino within its opening hours due to work or family commitments, or some people are just too intimidated by the overall casino atmosphere to even dare to go into a bricks and mortar casino. In any of these circumstances, online blackjack is the perfect solution. You can play your favourite game in the comfort of your own home, or even on the go through a mobile device, saving you the time, expense and hassle of actually going to a live casino.

Is Online Blackjack Secure and Fair?

Live Dealer Online BlackjackAnyone playing online blackjack may be concerned about how fair the game is, however they can rest assured that if they choose one of the top rated online casinos, they will be guaranteed a fair game. The best online casinos always use random number generator software, which ensures that all games are not biased or predictable. The RNG is tested regularly by an independent auditor to prove that all games are above board. Most of the best online casinos are also registered with independent companies and groups like eCOGRA which vet casinos to prove that they are fair. When it comes to security, players need not worry about their personal or financial details falling into the wrong hands as all the best online casinos ensure that they use the latest encryption software to protect their data.

What is Live Dealer Online Blackjack?

As well as standard online blackjack, there is also a live dealer version of the game which is perfect for anyone who wants to capture the essence of the bricks and mortar casino atmosphere. In a live dealer game the game is played via a video stream where you can also see the dealer place the cards in front of you and you can actually communicate with them in real time. This gives players the feel of actually being at the gaming table, which many people who enjoy the experience of real life gambling prefer.

How do I Find the Best Online Blackjack Casinos?

When you are seeking out the best online blackjack casinos, you should always take an operator’s reputation into account. Reading reviews from both existing players and expert reviewers will help you to get an idea of what to expect and whether or not the casino of your choice is reliable. You should also take a look at the breadth of games on offer and the payment methods available to ensure that your favourite option is offered. The quality of customer service is also important, as well as their hours of availability and the variety of contact methods offered. Last but not least, you may want to look at the different promotions and bonuses that may be extended to you, both as a new and as an existing player.

There are many advantages to playing online blackjack, and once you have found the online blackjack casino that is perfect for you, you are sure to enjoy playing your favourite game from the comfort of your own home.