Review of PaySafeCard’s Features | At Least the Ones Applicable to Online Casinos

PaySafeCard is a prepaid debit card that’s particularly common amongst gamblers for its use of vouchers. Put simply, unlike conventional E-wallets, you don’t necessarily need an account before you can start using PaySafeCard to transact.

Review of PaySafeCard - Is it worhty?That said, here’s a fun fact about the payment option. Did you know that PaySafeCard’s parent company also owns Skrill and Neteller? Accordingly, the question of whether or not they’re similar comes up—which brings us to this review. Below is a breakdown of the method’s best features.

Different PaySafeCard Types

There are 2 kinds of PaySafeCard that you can choose between. The first is PaySafeCard and the second is My PaySafeCard (M-PSC). Ignoring the bland names, the only difference between both is that PaySafeCard requires an account, while the other one doesn’t.

Like so, the first one is preferable if you don’t feel like sharing your personal details with any gambling platform. This is good in the case of shady online casinos since this will protect your details down the line.

For the other one (M-PSC), you have our recommendations if the option to make withdrawals and also if the idea of comp points and thus, gifts appeal to you.

My PaySafeCard Sign Up

One of the highlights of using an online prepaid payment method is the ease of creating an account. The same thing can be said about PaySafeCard—or better yet called My PaySafeCard. You only need a few of your personal details to create an account immediately. They are:



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Anonymity is Constantly Maintained

As mentioned in the intro, using PaySafeCard requires no account on your part. Instead, what you do is buy a voucher which contains a particular amount of funds, and then you deposit it in an online casino accepting the platform.

Through this, there’s no need to submit any of your personal details, except if you want the My PaySafeCard account. So, anybody can simply visit any of their retailers and purchase the cards. Asides the fact that this fully keeps your anonymity, using PaySafeCard is also one of the fastest ways of depositing funds in an online casino with zero fees.

PaySafeCard Retailers

These are the list of businesses that sell vouchers.

The Option of Vouchers

Although a prepaid debit card, PaySafeCard doesn’t necessarily work like other options such as Skrill and Entropay. The “Card” contained in its name stands for the use of vouchers on the part of users. All you need to do is find a PaySafeCard sales outlet that’ll sell you a voucher. In other words, you can choose between several options, which are $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, $125, $150 and $175.

After the purchase of any of these vouchers (multiple copies if you want), you can use it to deposit in a casino accepting PaySafeCard. Therein, all you’ll need is the 16-digit pin unique to that particular voucher you’ve purchased, and you’re gold. From the perspective of a seasoned gambler, the variety of vouchers can be used to limit gambling. That is, you only ever buy the amount you plan on using to wager. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tip: We recommend you download the PaySafeCard app to help with finding a sales outlet.

Available Bonuses

Bonuses generally remain the same even if you decide to try out another payment method. In that case, the only major bonus that you’ll find in online casinos is the welcome bonus. And it entirely depends on your deposits. If you want to know more about this, it’s just down below. Otherwise, skip it entirely.

Welcome Bonus

When you first deposit in an online casino with a welcome bonus, the platform gives you a percentage of that bonus to play with. So, let’s say an online casino of your choice has a deposit bonus of 100% up to $200. This means that you get double of any deposit that you make, though the highest that you can ever win is $200. This practically limits your deposit to $200—though in turn, you get an extra $200 to play with.

Still, before you sign up on any casino, it’s important to read the requirements first. While casinos that offer this specific type of bonus (percentage and amount) usually have lax wagering requirements, others can be much more impossible than this.

Loyalty Points When You Use My PaySafeCard

Loyalty points, which are called My PLUS are only applicable to My PaySafeCard. At the very least, the platform needs a home advantage since with the ordinary PaySafeCard, you have no need for an account on their website.

Having said that, the My PLUS Loyalty Program is straightforward in process. As you pay with My PaySafeCard, you get points which you can then use in the PLUS Shop. One of the major gifts you’ll find there comes in the form of discounts (up to 40%) on certain services like flights and merchandise (drinks, games, etc.) platforms.

Mobile Optimization

The thing with PaySafeCard is that regardless if you’re making payments on your mobile device or maybe even through your desktop, you only need your 16-digit code to run transactions. So, we can say that this option is fully optimized for mobile gambling. This is fully understandable, as most people (regardless if they’re interested in online gambling or not) use smartphones nowadays. With all this said, it’s safe to say that security/safety is never a problem regardless of which platform you’ll be using. All you need is to find casinos accepting Paysafecard as a payment method.

Is it Worthy?

It all depends on what you think. PaySafeCard is a popular option in Europe and for a good reason. The opportunity to buy vouchers completely bypasses the need to make deposits using any other payment method.

Also, through that, you get to skip the typical waiting period that you have to go through before the funds reflect in your account. This is a stark contrast to the experience you get when you use PayPal, Skrill, or even Entropay.

Nevertheless, there is still one drawback when it comes to using PaySafeCard. It’s the fact that a sales outlet always has to be near you before you can even use the platform’s services. Take note of this before you decide to use this option.