Using Credit Cards | One of the Best Options for Deposits and Withdrawals in Online Casinos

Just like the name, credit cards are obviously directly linked to making purchases on credit. Like so, the same thing applies to making deposits in online casinos. But is that everything there is to know about using credit cards in online casinos?

Here, we’ll take you through the biggest highlights of using credit cards as your preferred payment method in online casinos. And in each one, we will be adopting a ‘pros and cons’ style to offer you a chance to make a proper choice between this option and others like E-wallets, crypto-currency, and even bank transfer.



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Types of Credit Cards You Should Consider Using

In most online casinos that you visit, you should look out for 3 options in terms of credit cards. They are VISA, MasterCard, and American Express (AMEX). Choosing anyone out of all 3 generally depends on your preference and your region. That is, it depends on which credit card is available in your region (especially in the case of AMEX) and if you already have the card. Now, from our experience, the services of the first 2 are similar. What we mean is that they have the same transaction limits, time, and even fee. So, in the end, the experience is generally the same (pros, cons, and all).

In contrast to both of these 2 credit card types, American Express is restricted to the US only, and it’s also only ever fit for professional online gambling. In other words, what we would personally use it for would be gambling with large amounts of cash due to the benefits of American Express. Even when compared to the other 2, the limits on American Express cards are usually higher so we think you should use it only if you’re interested in using that advantage. Otherwise, choose any of the 2, VISA and MasterCard.

Disadvantages of Using Credit Cards

The one disadvantage we see with using credit cards is the ease of making deposits. The likes of VISA and MasterCard don’t really care where your money goes in as much as it’s paid back. That, in other words, means that they’ll keep on giving you deposit funds on credit to any website of your choice. In this case, it’s an online gambling website, and while everyone knows gambling is always a game of chance, it doesn’t subtract from the appeal.

This leads to the problem of gambling addiction combined with the ease by which you can make deposits into your account on the online casino. The combination of both should be taken seriously, considering the fact that addiction to gambling is usually seen as a minor in the grand scheme of things.

The Bonuses that You Get

The first bonus that immediately comes to mind is the welcome bonus which is divided into 2. They are the deposit bonuses and free spins (more on both later). After that, you have the credit card exclusive bonuses to enjoy. These ones won’t be given to you by the online casino. Rather, the payment methods themselves (VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX) will be the ones giving you the exclusive bonuses. Playing online is just an opportunity to win several of them easily.

Deposit Bonuses & Free Spins

Both of these types of bonuses work only by depositing money into your account. They both share similarities such as requirements in the form of bonus availability and wagering times.

Point made, deposit bonuses will give you a percentage of your bonus on your first deposit. Try to look out for bonuses of this kind that extend to multiple deposits. Concerning free spins, you’ll get a particular amount of free spins on a specific game in the casino. Obviously, the game will be slots, so consider this a heads-up in the case that you were looking for bonuses exclusive to other types of games.

Credit Card Exclusives

The more you use credit cards (especially AMEX since it’s the particularly the most expensive out of the 3), the more loyalty points you’ll earn. This can be used for making payments in certain restaurants, for booking flights, or even discounts on trips to resorts or spas. Other than this, you’re also eligible for smaller packages like exquisite wines and drinks and even the occasional discounts on food.

Transactions and their Maximum and Minimum Limits

While many would say the real advantage of using a credit card to transact in online casinos is the larger limits, sadly, that isn’t the case. Higher limits only apply to AMEX, while the rest such as VISA and MasterCard will have transaction limits that are a lot similar to other payment options like E-wallets and the likes.

For both withdrawals and deposits, expect a minimum of $10 while the maximum will be $4,000 per every transaction you make. These are the norms when it concerns the top-rated online casinos out there.

On another hand, the transaction limits in question can come in another form—which we like to call the monthly/daily limits. While the other part is cash-limited per transaction, this one places a limit on the cash-equivalent of transactions you can make either daily or monthly (the latter is more popular though). Here, expect a minimum of $20 while the maximum will most likely be $15,000 – 50,000.

Credit Card Transaction Speeds and Fee

Transaction speeds for credit cards are always really fast in the case of deposits while withdrawals may take some time due to some verification on the part of both the online casino and the card issuer. Nevertheless, while the former is negligible, the actual time for withdrawals is usually 3 days, even after the verification/identification.

On the other hand, the fees for every transaction you make on online casinos are usually free. But when it comes to your banking options (specifically in the case of withdrawals), expect a small percentage of the transaction amount to be the fee.

Our Final Thoughts on Using Credit Cards in Casinos Online

Credit cards, even in comparison to E-wallets can easily rival the most popular options because they have a dedicated base too. And while you don’t get to avoid the topic of a middle-man (that being the credit cards themselves), you at the very least get flawless services (great customer support and constant protection of your cash are just 2) and the bonuses that come with regularly using the cards in question.

Thus, overall, we think credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard specifically are options that you should definitely consider using. Just try to set a limit on how much you’ll be betting per month to exercise some type of control on your gambling urges.