Taking Advantage of a No Deposit Casino Bonus

There are three main reasons why a player would pick out their online casino. The games offered is of course a steady deal breaker – people want to wager on what they know. Depositing and withdrawal options are also important, especially in countries that are stringent on online gambling. With all things being equal, many times it’s the no deposit bonus that makes or breaks a persons decision to gamble at a particular online casino.

Why a No Deposit Online Casino Bonus Is So Important

no deposit bonusWhen casinos offer a no deposit bonus, members are immediately up money. Many times just by signing up for a site a registrant will receive some “comp money” to try out the gaming. Other times that a no deposit bonus is offered is when a new slot is launching, for example. There’s no restrictions that say a person can’t win it big with this free money and one thing is definitely for sure – they won’t lose money. Online casinos and sportsbooks will always offer deposit bonuses, but they aren’t as appealing as they seem at first. A promotion could claim to match up to something like $500 of your initial deposit. It might be easy to think that after depositing $500, you’ll have $1,000 to instantly play with. Unfortunately that’s not the case as online casinos often times require you to rollover your initial bet 5 to 20 times. Others give you loyalty points for each bet that you make and slowly release your bonus funds. It’s very much possible that your bankroll is busted well before you have a chance to claim your full deposit bonus that was promised to you (in fine print).

Why Sites Offer the No Deposit Bonus?

At first glance it doesn’t exactly seem like the best practice for online casinos to be giving away free money. In actuality however, a relatively small bonus could recoup the casino 10X that in the long run. The casinos offer these bonuses so that visitors can try their site on a no risk basis. If they end up liking it (and having some success on the free deposit) they are more likely to become a regular playing member. If that registrant ends up being one of the luckiest gamblers in the world the casino loses – but it’s a bet that the house is 100% more than willing to take. Another reason for offering the no deposit online casino bonus is the fact that the industry is so competitive. Longtime gamblers have usually already chosen their preferred sites to wager at and newcomers to online gambling will all be inundated with “100% first deposit” bonus options that makes it hard for one casino to stick out from the other. One promotion that catches the eye of gamblers young and old is free money in the case of a no deposit bonus.

How Is A No Deposit Online Casino Bonus Awarded

The best thing about these bonuses is right in the name – no deposit. This means an individual doesn’t have to divulge any of their personal credit card information or put up any of their own funding in order to receive the bonus. In many cases all that is required is signing up for the site. Once a new account is opened, the funds will be available to wager with immediately. Of course depending on the casino there may be some stipulations involved with having to roll over the free bonus a certain amount of time before being able to withdraw but this is still one of the few situations where a person is truly playing with house money. One thing to note about many of the no deposit casino bonuses is that they are often time sensitive. This usually coincides with the launch of a new slot game or a seasonal promotion such as the Super Bowl or Kentucky Derby. This is why it never hurts to sign up for the online casino newsletters that initially seem like nothing more than spam. If you haven’t done so already, it could also be very lucrative to follow some of the major online casinos and promotional watchdogs on social media.

Can You Actually Win Money On These Free Promotions?

Most veterans of the Internet have been taught by now that if something seems too good to be true, it likely is. An online casino giving you free money to bet with would seemingly fall into that category. That being said, it really is a promotion and there’s nothing stopping a person from becoming a big winner without ever using any of their own finances. The casino is banking on you sticking around and putting the funds back into the house but at the end of the day it’s still your choice. At the very least a no deposit casino bonus is a risk-free way to explore a new site. If you like it, stick around and make it a regular visit – If you don’t enjoy the layout or navigation, place your free bets and then be done with it.